Welcome to our restaurant - Sea Satin

Welcome to our restaurant


Located in the most charming area of Mykonos Chora, under the Windmills in Little Venice, the emblematic Sea Satin by Gryparis is the place where you will experience the glorious greek summer and hospitality to the maximum. In a simple yet elegant setting, you will dine on the sea shore, enjoying the captivating view of the sea and the amazing sunset. During the day, the dominant white and ochre color radiate the beaming sunlight, creating a sense of tranquility, while you enjoy a relaxed meal. In the evening, the romantic candle light, the sound of the sea and the festive atmosphere will introduce you to the legendary Mykonian nightlife.


Being one of the most renowned fish restaurants in Mykonos, we value the quality of the first ingredients and we always offer you fresh seafood. The fish menu changes daily as it is based on the catch of the day, and is presented in flesh, while you can select by yourself. Shells, clams, lobster, shrimps and octopus are delicately treated and served in an innovative way that will charm your senses. All dishes prepared with fresh local vegetables and sprinkled with aromatic herbs, like thyme, oregano and rosemary will excite your palate and offer you a unique culinary journey. Our vegetarian guests can enjoy fresh salads and fascinating dishes made of pure ingredients selected from local farms. Our wine list consists of unique greek varieties and imported wines, while we spoil you with a wide selection of premium champagne brands. Make sure to leave room for dessert, as you don’t want to miss the famous “loukoumades” (round fried doughnuts) topped with greek honey and vanilla ice cream.